This website is for…

Community Activists and Leaders

You are not a lawyer, but you know the problems facing your local community. Going to court is probably not something you would consider as a viable means of fighting for community rights.

You might think that court actions are only concerned with personal grievances or complaints. But public interest litigation deals with matters which concern the rights of whole groups of people. Perhaps problems in you local community could be solved by taking legal action?

But surely it would be too costly, beyond the means available locally. This site gives tips about fund raising and spreading the financial burdens more broadly.

This site will help you assess whether public interest litigation is for you.

Legal Professionals & Paralegals

If you do take legal action, you will probably need professional legal advice. However, in some countries, public interest litigation is little known, even among legal professionals. This website also aims to alert professional lawyers and paralegals to the potential of PIL.