Violation of the right to political participation


What Constitutes Violations of Right to Political Participation?

There are several things that could constitute a violation of these political rights. Most importantly, everything depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. Each case will be decided based on its peculiarities. Instances of such violations are as follows:

  • Where it is established that a citizen has satisfied the criteria laid down by law before exercising his political rights and he is still denied these rights without any lawful excusable reasons provided by law.
  • Where the Independent National Electoral Commission denies the registration of political parties that have met the conditions as required by law.
  • Where a political party changes or substitutes the candidate, whose name has been submitted to the independent National Electoral Commission on the basis other than the death of the candidate or withdrawal of the candidate by himself.
  • Instance whereby any actions of the government or of any law you are prevented, or a condition was given to you before participating in any form of political activities for which was not provided by law.

Where the Independent National Electoral Commission unlawfully excludes a candidate after it is established that the candidate was lawfully nominated by the political party sponsoring him.

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