Registering to vote and voting


What do I need to do to vote

You must:

  • Be a citizen of Nigeria and be at least 18 years old.
  • Go to the registration officers of the Independent National Electoral Commission for registration and collection of a voter card.
  • Attend on election day and follow the guidelines laid down by INEC.

Where and how can I get a voter’s card?

Every voter will be asked to present a voter’s card before exercising his/her voting right. 

To be an eligible voter at election, these are the things to do:

– Visit any INEC registration centres located in your constituency/area. 

– The registration officers will collect necessary information including your picture, contact details and thumbprint.

–  The Commission will give you a date for the collection of voters’ cards before election day.

Note: it is only Independent National Electoral Commission that is allowed to issue a valid voter card to eligible voters. To know more about this visit here.


What can I do if after registration my name is omitted in the voter register?

If your registration  is denied, you can challenge this by:

  • Going to INEC and asking who is the person appointed to hear and determine complaints for an objection to any entry or an omission from the preliminary list of voters. 
  • Make a written complaint. In the complaint mention that you have met all the requirements (citizenship and age) to be registered as a voter.

If you are not pleased with the decision reached by the Revision Officer, you have 7 days to approach the Resident Electoral Commissioner in charge of the State you reside in. Their decision is final. 

If this is not effective see the section on “Enforcing the right to political participation“.  


What steps do I take if I misplace my voter’s card?

You would have to make an application for another voters’ card no later than 60 days before Election Day.

In the application, you must state how the misplaced voters’ card got missing.

The application would be directed to the Electoral Officer or any other officer who is in charge for the purpose of issuing another valid voter’s card. Note: On the voters’ card that will be given to you, DUPLICATE will be written on it for easy identification. You can only have one voter’s card.


What steps do I have to take if I move to another residence different from where I registered?

First, you would have to make an application informing the INEC’s Resident Electoral Commissioner of the State you reside on the change of location. This must be done at least 60 days before election day.

To achieve this, necessary information such as a copy of your voter’s card and other relevant evidence that indicate the change of location would be needed.

An Electoral officer will then ensure your voters’ card is transferred to the constituency of your choice and issue a new voters’ card to you.


How to exercise my right to vote if I have difficulties voting?

No one can be prevented from enjoying his/her voting right based on having a disability. When you arrive to vote:

-Inform the Presiding Officer the nature of your disability. This can be done also by a person of your choice who can accompany you.  

-Assistive aids like the braille ballot guide and magnifying glasses are also to be provided for voters who are visually impaired or with low vision, respectively.

-Other special communication materials are to be provided to aid voters with a disability at the polling units.

Above all, the Commission is required to make adequate provisions for every category of persons to participate in elections.

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