Access to justice in Nigeria: The Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure and other means of defending human rights

The efforts to tackle Human Rights abuses which are prevalent in African region especially in Nigeria has received a boost due to the recent introduction of the new Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure rule of 2009. 

It serves as the procedural rule for the enforcement of Human Right cases.



Fundamental Rights (Enforcement Procedure) Rules, 2009 is the procedural guide for commencing an action for the enforcement of Fundamental Human Rights in Nigeria which was made pursuant to Section 46(3) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the Chief Justice of the Federation.

Therefore should you need to institute an action to challenge a human rights violation, your suit will be guided by the Rules.


Scope of the Guide

The Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure Guide Book is a tool that is designed to help you know more about the Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure Rules of 2009.

It also aims to explore the rights you can enforce under this Rule, and how you can enforce these rights through the legal framework available for its enforcement.

It goes further to examine the challenges you may face while enforcing your rights and the remedies available to you when these rights are violated.



This guide was put together by a team of Lawyers, CSO experts and Law students in Partnership with NULAI and sponsored by Action4Justice.

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